Thank You!

First, thank you to all of those who have helped this year. Bellevue East Little League (and Little League as a whole) is a volunteer organization, and we’re run fully with volunteer support.

Volunteer Hour Matching

If you’ve volunteered this year, please (super please) consider submitting your time.

Many of you work for great companies with programs to match gifts and/or donations, and/or that make cash donations for each hour their employees volunteer for qualifying programs. Because Bellevue East Little League is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we qualify for most programs.

Some of the companies that participate include:

  • Microsoft
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Amgen
  • AT&T
  • Bank of America
  • BECU
  • Boeing
  • Century Link / Qwest
  • Expedia
  • Gates Foundation
  • Google
  • The Home Depot
  • Intermec
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Puget Sound Energy
  • QuoteWizard
  • Starbucks
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo

These are run through company programs and through platforms like Benevity and others. Check with your employer to see if you have a volunteer matching program and please submit your time.

What qualifies?

There are lots of things that qualify. If you helped out with your child’s team managing, coaching, scorekeeping, umpiring, or helping to fill in with practices; those hours can count.

If you’ve volunteered on the board, not just as a member but even just as a volunteer, those hours count. This includes helping with fields, scheduling, maintenance, registration, equipment, communications, social media, marketing, safety, and all things that keep the League running.

If you have questions on what might qualify, e-mail and ask.

How this helps us

Your direct donations and the matching gifts we receive from companies based on your volunteer time help us in many ways including:

  • enhancing our fields and facilities
  • supporting off-field events for the kids
  • providing scholarships to families needing financial assistance
  • upgrading equipment
  • enhancing our umpire program
  • increasing the number of children we serve, and
  • adding specialized clinics for our players, managers, coaches and umpires

Volunteer Opportunities

The League plans to hold elections in late August.

As a 501(c)(3), non-profit, we need to elect a Board of Directors each year. These elections will form the new Board of Directors and help set the league up for success for the following year.

One if the biggest impacts you can make is to help volunteer. Not everything is a big job and we do need all kinds of skills. You actually don’t need to know much of the ins-and-outs of baseball or softball to help out.

Here is an example of some of the volunteer opportunities and key skills they need.

  • Field Scheduler – good organization, good with Excel, likes planning
  • IT – knowledge of information technology, domains, and e-mail systems
  • Communications Coordinator – Good at writing, communication, e-mail blasts, and newsletters
  • Social Media Coordinator – great at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Events Coordinator (Mariners/Opening Day/Picture Day/Interlake/Sammamish Partnerships) – outgoing, likes to plan parties and events
  • Marketing (School Visits) – has good relationships with the schools and PTSA boards
  • Registrar – good with Excel and willing to learn the backend of TeamSnap
  • Safety Officer – organized and passion for the kids and their safety
  • VP Softball/Baseball – understands the game and good with managing people and delegation
  • Uniform and Equipment Manager – good at working with vendors, keeping things organized, keeping things stocked, and ordering stuff

Most of these don’t require a lot of work but they can make a huge impact on how well the League operates. Descriptions for many of the Board of Directors and Volunteer positions and the position responsibilities can be found on the BELL website.

We do need some immediate and near term help with Summerball, please e-mail if you’re interested in helping out with coaching or umpiring.

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